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Re-Verber-Ray® infrared heaters emulate the true efficiency of the sun. Infrared heaters generate energy which is converted into heat when absorbed by floors, animals, people and objects. This energy is then re-radiated to warm the surrounding area by convection. This is the most efficient and effective method of heating under the diverse and challenging conditions present in most commercial and industrial applications.

Benefits of Infrared Heating include:

Fuel Savings - 20 to 50% over conventional forced air units.

Flexibility - Heaters can be placed where most needed.

Modular Design - Re-Verber-Ray® heaters are of a modular design to assure heating protection over traditional central heating systems.

Superior Comfort - Heat the floor zone, not the ceiling.

Radiant Efficiency - Output is enhanced through a highly emissive, black coated radiant tube chamber or perforated ceramic.

Durability - Infrared heaters require very little maintenance and are much easier to clean than air tempering and recirculating systems.

Quiet and Clean - No noisy blowers pushing dirt and dust around.

Common Applications include:

Auto Service Shops, Farm Buildings, Greenhouses, Patios, Porches, Ice Rinks, Home Garages, Loading Docks, Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities, Confinement Barns, Pole Barns and much more!

Portable Infrared Heater
PT SERIES PORTABLE GAS-FIRED INFRARED HEATERS are the perfect heater for buildings under construction, alteration or repair. They are also a great choice when he is required off the grid. Available in 16,000 or 32,000 BTU/h and features a patented safety tip-over device for added safety. These units also include mounting bracket, LP hose and regulator. Portable units are high intensity heaters that mount atop an LP tank. The PT series portable infrared heaters are ideal when heat is temporarily needed.

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Short Wave Infrared Heater
SW SERIES SHORT WAVE ELECTRIC INFRARED SPACE HEATERS are unique in their ability to produce both infrared heat and visible light energy. The source of this energy comes from short wave electric lamps encased in an aesthetically pleasing enclosure. Available in an assortment of sizes, casing and colors, this heater offers both choices and solutions for your application. Operational benefits include a highly efficient energy transfer, lower mounting heights, heat energy, and light energy.

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Infrared Heaters

BAH SERIES MEDIUM WAVE ELECTRIC INFRARED SPACE HEATERS are the cleanest method of heating, taking nothing from the air and adding nothing to the air. They produce heat by running an electric current through a high-resistance element. BAH Series heaters are ideal for low output, low clearance to combustible areas and in applications where gas and/or ventilation is not available or impractical.

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Infrared Heaters