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Polysnake Decorative Multi-wall Polycarbonate

Unique undulating channels offer an appeal for use as decorative partitions and panels in high traffic commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels and resorts. Aesthetically speaking, these panels offer the architect a noteworthy approach to design solutions, with a distinctive look. Due to unique reflection and refraction characteristics of the Polysnake sheet, light transmission does not decrease, but actually intensifies. The excellent thermal insulation properties, distinctive to multi-wall polycarbonate sheet, does not change in Polysnake sheets. Each distinctive channel traps air, creating a thermal barrier from exterior side of the sheet to the interior side. The UV protection by co-extrusion protects the sheets and ensures the stability of the polycarbonate material. Compared with sheets of the same weight and thickness, the Polysnake structured sheet allows for an increase in loading of up to 60%!

Load Resistance
Sheet Size Thickness Polisnake Load Normal MWS Load Change
39-3/8" x 118-1/8" 5/8" (16mm) 31.3 psf 23.0 psf +36%

Technical Data
Description Thickness Weight U Value Colors LT G Value
Polysnake 16 5/8" (16mm) 0.508
lb/ft squared
0.3436 Btu/ft squared h°F Clear (0010)
Opal (0299)

Pricing and Availability
Product Description Thickness Color Width Price (sq.ft.)
Price (sq.ft.)
Price (sq.ft.)
Polysnake 16 5/8" (16mm) Clear 48" $5.64 $5.08 $4.81
Polysnake 16 5/8" (16mm) Opal 48" $6.15 $5.56 $5.24
$350.00 Minimum Order ( Excluding Freight and Crate )
Polisnake Polycarbonate