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Snap On Grommets For Shade Cloth

Shade Accessories, Custom Shade Cloth Services

Larger shade cloths can be formed by "seaming" one or more smaller sheets together. Brass grommets can also be installed on any of our shade cloths at the factory. But before installing grommets, the edges of the shade cloth must first be "taped". Shade Cloth tape is a durable cloth strip that is sewn onto the edge of the shade cloth. It provides a secure fastening point for the grommets to insure that they do not know pull free from the cloth. If Shade Rite' Plastic Grommets are preferred, then the edges of the shade cloth should not be taped.
Plastic Grommet for Shade Cloth
Click here to see an example of a Shade Cloth Structure.
KSC Shade Rite'  Plastic Shade Cloth Grommets - 30 pack

Qty: Price: $16.00
KSC Shade Rite'  Plastic Shade Cloth Grommets - 100 pack

Qty: Price: $40.00
KSC Shade Rite'  Plastic Shade Cloth Grommets - 1000 pack

Qty: Price: $225.00
SEAMING - Seaming refers to sewing two or more of our stock shade cloth sheets together to form a wider custom sized sheet.     Price - $0.25 per linear foot.
BRASS GROMMETS - Price includes the grommet and installation. Normally spaced at every 1'-2', but can be spaced to customers specification.     Price - $0.25 each
TAPED EDGES - Although our knitted shade cloth will not unravel when cut. Taped edges are required when brass grommets are desired. However, if using our "heavy duty snap on nylon grommets", then taped edges are not needed nor recommended.     Price - $0.30 per linear foot.