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Insect Screens Information

  • Made of high tensile-strength round polyethylene monofilaments
  • UV stabilized
  • Transparent
  • Unique structure results in maximized air circulation, to enable high yields.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Strong woven and tucked in selvages - even if mechanically punctured, the screen will keep its strength and stability
  • Easily cleaned with power sprayers by back flushing.
Construction 50 x 24 mesh 81 x 81 mesh
Opening Size 0.0105" x 0.0322" 0.0059" x 0.0059"
Thread Size .24/mm .15 mm
Weave 1/1 1/1
Weight 0.33 lbs/yd² 0.216 lbs/yd²
Shade Value 20% 33%
Light Transmission 80% 66%
Standard Width 43, 78, 118, 141 inches. Custom widths also available. Special order 59" and 94" 39, 78 and 133 inches. Custom widths also available.
Length Orders cut to size. Orders cut to size.
Maximum Length 656 feet 328 feet
UV Resistance Tested to equivalent of five years field experience. Tested to equivalent of three years field experience.

1. Check that the frame, structure or wall to which the insect screen will be fastened is as square as possible, to eliminate twisting or shortage of fabric.

2. Metal parts should not touch the screen. In the summer, heat accumulates in metal parts, and might damage the plastic screen. Therefore, it is important to cover metal parts with white water based latex or white tape to protect the screen.

3. When you install the screen, keep the screen square and parallel to the sides of the greenhouse. This will keep the fibers of the screen parallel. If the fibers are not parallel to the greenhouse sides, the screen will be shortened in length and in width.

When you install several screens together which have not been stitched, you should connect the first screen to the sides of the greenhouse, Then, connect the second screen to the first one and to the greenhouse sides. Continue in that way until he entire greenhouse is covered.

Need more information? Click here to see the complete insect screening guide published by the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association.

"Greenhouse Insect Screen Installation Considerations For Greenhouse Operators"