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Thermostat Control

230V, 60/50HZ, TH2 - Our Price: $316.75
These thermostats will provide accurate measurement of the temperature, automatically controlling your Aquafog unit(s) at approximately 3°F above and below your desired set point. Control units are assembled with high quality waterproof components.

TH1 Control - Capable of operating single Aquafog units up to 1 HP.
TH2 Control - Capable of operating up to two 1 HP units.
Aquafog XE Thermostat
115V, 60/50HZ, TH1 - Our Price: $269.50
115V, 60/50HZ, TH2 - Our Price: $299.25
230V, 60/50HZ, TH1 - Our Price: $282.63