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Misting System Kits & Supplies

Ecologic Technologies Misting System Kits are loaded with great features! They're extremely simple to setup & operate, are very versatile, and can be used for many different cooling, misting and humidification applications. Some of the most popular uses for our products include domestic & exotic animal cooling, vivarium & terrarium humidification, bonsai & orchid propagation, odor control and concrete curing, mushroom farming, aviaries, zoo display exhibits, wildlife parks & greenhouse humidification, static electricity control, dust suppression, machine cooling, and aeroponics, just to name a few! Note: $10.00 Minimum order for fog nozzles & accessories.
Rainmaker Quick Connect Misting System Kit

Misting System Kits

The original Rainmaker misting system kits are still the industry standard more than 20 years later. Now offering a new and improved Quick Connect Rainmaker misting system kit for faster/easier installation as well as 360 degree directional nozzle control.

Tee Style Misting Nozzle Assembly Rainmaker Misting System Kit Accessories

Replacement parts and accessories for the original Rainmaker misting system kits as well as the new Rainmaker Quick Connect system kits.
Misting Pump

Misting Pumps - Low Pressure

Misting pumps with operating pressures ranging from 45 psi up to 150 psi.
110V, 220V AND 12V options available

Misting Nozzles Misting Nozzles

Plastic misting nozzles made from space age Acetal available with or without internal drip valve... 1/8" MPT
Hose barb misting nozzle tee fitting

Fittings and Valves

Here you can find fittings to accept 1/8" MPT nozzles available with
1/4" HB, 3/8" HB and 1/2" S.
Ball Valves, plastic hose barbed and threaded fittings can be found here as well...

Tubing and Hose Tubing and Hose